It’s important to me to make my work accessible to D/deaf and disabled writers. It’s a work in progress and please do get in touch to ask questions or make requests.

All activities in the gallery include:

  • Text versions and video versions
  • Closed captions for all videosĀ 
  • Alt text for images, where relevant
  • Inclusive language. I continue to learn, please contact me with language requests

For all workshops (via Zoom):

  • You are welcome to have your video on or off
  • Chat will be kept to a minimum during instructions and sharing
  • Example texts will be shown by screen-share
  • All meetings are live captioned, using Zoom’s captioning software. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good and I’m always happy to repeat or clarify things
  • Workshops are not recorded but individual activities are made into videos with closed captions and image descriptions

If you need some guidance on using Zoom to attend workshops, I’m happy to help.