Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the workshops?

Each month we have three writing workshops and one sharing and feedback session. Each of them lasts for 1 hour and takes place on Zoom, for up to 15 participants. 

Writing workshops are for ideas gathering, reading, listening to or watching poems by other poets and playing with some writing activities. They are designed to spark new poems. You aren’t asked to share your work, although I may make space for a few lines or a poem to be shared, if you wish.

Sharing and feedback sessions happen at the end of the month. These are for people who want to share their work, receive some feedback from the group, or simply listen, read and learn. 

Can I try a single workshop?

The videos and activities in the gallery should give you an idea of how I work. However, if you still want to try one workshop before signing up for a series, please get in touch.

Do you offer discounts?

I hope to offer some low-cost places each season for people who are unwaged or part of a household with an income of £16,000 per year or less. The number of these places I can offer depends on how many people are paying the full price. Please get in touch to ask about this. If I have space, I will ask you to send me a poem and a note about what you hope to gain from the workshops. You don’t have to tell me about your financial situation, but please only ask for this if you need it. I also work for organisations that offer free workshops for some people, so I may be able to work with you through one of those, or point you to another organisation. 

How do the sharing sessions work?

We celebrate each poem shared and tell you what we enjoyed about it, what stuck with us, what moved us or made us laugh. We might ask you a question to give you something to think about towards your next draft – what could you play with further?

The feedback is purposefully light because the writing will be new. We try to be good first readers – to give you a chance to put the poem in the air and see what lands – for you and for others. 

Do you offer individual mentoring or manuscript feedback?

Sometimes. Get in touch to ask about this. 

Do you offer advice about publishing and other opportunities?

Yes, by pointing you in the direction of some good advice online. I will also periodically share opportunities I think you might be interested in.