A poem of light

A Poem of Light (text version)

Like many people, I find this time of year difficult because of the lack of light in the UK. Many poems I love hold light in them in some way, and my favourite poet (if I had to choose one!) is Lucille Clifton, who loved that her name meant ‘light’.

  • Bring an image to your mind of light in winter darkness. It might be the sight of it, it might be the warmth. What kind of light is it? A candle flame, a lighthouse, a streetlamp, a phone light, a car headlamp? Is it in a room, a forest, on a street? Is it guiding you through a welcoming place, or a foreboding one?
  • Imagine you can see or sense that light in the distance, and that you are moving towards it. Free write for five minutes.
  • Underline/highlight lines or words that stand out to you. Start to arrange them in an order, towards a poem. 

Suggested reading/listening

12 Notes for a Light Song of Light by Kei Miller
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Light: A National Poetry Day Book
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