A poem of questions


A Poem of Questions (text version)

For this poem, we’ll play with asking questions without answering them, like a small child who’s learned the word “Why?”

I’ll give you three ways into writing this poem. Choose the one you like best:

  • Write a list of questions that occur to you. You could start by asking questions about the things around you. Let one question lead to the next – play freely for your first rough go


  • Write a list of questions about a certain subject. Maybe something you’ve been thinking about recently. Maybe something mundane


  • Write a list of questions AS someone or something else. For example as a dustpan or radio. Or as a friend from school you’ve lost touch with. This will be what’s called a ‘persona poem’ where you take on the voice of someone or something other than yourself.

Suggested reading/listening

Twenty Questions by Jim Moore
A poem that pretty much responds to option 1 above, being broad and various.
Read or listen with a text to speech voice reader

Some Questions About the Storm by Hilda Raz
An eerie question and answer poem, where the answers seem to come from an unearthly being.
Read or listen with a text to speech voice reader

Questions That Must Be Answered by Kevin Ireland
A playful, instructional poem on how to deal with questions.
Read or listen